copy alert security application

Is someone copying your files? Do you have trade secrets to protect?

CopyAlert™, our patent pending security solution protects your valuable proprietary data from unauthorized copying and alerts you in REAL TIME to attempts to steal your data.

CopyAlert™ is a government/military grade security application that disables the capability of an unauthorized party to copy your computer files to external media sources such as USB Devices, Thumbdrives, CDs, DVDs, iPods, External Hard Drives, Email, Web based email, Bluetooth and transfer of files via a network...etc.

CopyAlert™ will disable all USB devices plugged into the host computer unless authorized by the authorized user.

CopyAlert™ also prohibits an intruder from copying your files to your internal CD Drive and will alert the user to ALL attempts in real time.

CopyAlert™ will also notify you if anyone ATTEMPTS to copy files TO your computer.

The single copy version of CopyAlert™ is priced at only $29.95 USD.

Multi-computer bundle versions are also available.

Special low-cost Enterprise versions of CopyAlert™ are available for large-scale deployment for Corporations, Government Contractors, Government Agencies, Military, Research Agencies and Universities

CopyAlert™ is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

CopyAlert™ is highly tamper-resistant and can't be removed by unauthorized parties.

CopyAlert™ is MADE IN THE USA by American programmers!

Download a full featured 30 day evaluation copy of CopyAlert - Download

CopyAlert powerpoint is available in .pdf format - Here

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